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Experience, technology and expertise

The MDM Company has been active in the area of stainless steel and aluminium products and services for over 40 years. The long-established tradition of maintaining flexibility, quality and a high standard of services is permeated with numerous references gained in co-operation with partners from Slovenia and abroad. MDM is a reputable partner to companies from the metal, food, processing, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Quality policy

The quality policy is regularly subject to review in order to determine its continuing suitability.

It is reflected by an internal document defining a code of conduct and specifying in particular:

  • business principles
  • business and professional operation of the company
  • loyalty and belonging of employees
  • personal responsibility of the employees and responsibility towards the company, colleagues and society
  • company management
  • protects the reputation of the company
  • regulation of working premises and business management of employees
  • fair conduct

Company management is a model of commitment to quality with initiative, understanding and vision. The latter includes the commitment of all employees to meet the requirements and expectations of customers and continuously improve the quality management system.

In a company that performs sales, distribution and production activities, all processes are identified and the administrators for them are responsible for the smooth operations. All employees are responsible for identifying, providing, measuring and understanding customer needs.

All employees work together and are continuously educating themselves in the field of sales, distribution and production activities and ensuring the quality of the product and services.

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