400 ml

Article no. 70-03
Universal cutting oil for all metals, from the hardest stainless steel and titanium to soft metals such as
copper, brass, aluminum and cast iron.
Universally applicable for all cutting and deformation processes.
Methods of use: Drilling in metals: Spray directly on the drill or surface you want to drill. Metal
Spray along the cutting edge. Inner thread of the pipe: The cutting spray sticks to the workpiece.

• quickly dissipates heat, cools
• Avoids darkening of stainless steel and copper
• adheres perfectly to curved surfaces
• nitrite-free, skin-friendly
• no aggressive additives, no unpleasant odors
• increases the life of drills and cutting tools by up to 100%
• increases the cutting properties of metal saws by up to 40%

Color: whitish

Article 70-0300 400 ml syringe
Article 70-0301 100 ml nebulizer
12 cans = 1 PU
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