Welding protection spray

WUERTH 400ml

Biological welding protection spray for aluminium, structural steel, non-ferrous base metals, stainless steels and welding torch nozzles.
Prevents burning-on of weld splatter on metals, VA materials and on welding torch nozzles

Contributes towards optimum welding work. Starting points for corrosion are prevented

Does not spread

The thixotropic effect also adheres the active agent to vertical surfaces without running off or forming droplets

Harmless when subsequently galvanising and painting

Disruptive crack products are avoided due to the minimal proportion of organic substances.
This allows welding residues to be removed effortlessly.

Any subsequent galvanising or painting is then easily possible
Cooling effect

Colour runs when VA welding are minimised thanks to the cooling effect


Subsequent treatments such as painting are not adversely affected

Corrosion protection

The thin film simultaneously acts as temporary corrosion protection


Free from CHCs and other solvents
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